Sunday, February 17, 2008


I thought it would be easy to blog just write down things that are happening was I wrong. Wow it really is a challenge to say what is on your mind on a blog. I love reading Stacy Julian, Becky Higgins, Ali Edward they make it look so easy. Ali gives such great tips on daily things. Becky has wonderful recipe. Stacy is just all around my favorite and inspiring person. She makes life seen so easy and to just believe and it will happen. So on that note I thought I would do my life make-over again. I read this book ( Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson) with some girlfriends about 9 years ago. We met once a week to go over our answers to the week challenges. I did not make it through the whole book but got pretty far. It is a lot harder to change your routine then you think. So hear I go wish me luck...!!!

Thankful For
My Husband for being his best
My Girls for letting me get there hair cut with out a fight
My BF for listening to everything I have to say even when she might not agree
My BF for just being Wonderful when I don't have time to be Wonderful back

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Myrna said...

Jane, I would love to learn about all the sites you go on. You are so knowledgeable about scrapbooking stuff. The next time you read something cool, write about it so we can learn too.