Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WOW this week is going by........ already wed. night. The girls are having a great week. Megan just loves being a BIG girl in first grade and Kayla is enjoying being the BIG sixth grader. My new routine is walking the girls to school and taking my own walk/run after I drop them off. That's not hard they run away as soon as we get in the gates and say BYE MOM! This year I am going to have a BIG chore ahead of me THE SCHOOL YEARBOOK. Plus I would love the practice with my new camera. On another note Can't wait for our CONCERT this weekend. TOBY KEITH with some friends (four couples). We are taking a limo and going to dinner before the concert. It's also my dear friend Michelle's Birthday so we will have to celebrate of course!!!!! Well got to go my girls are sleeping and I would like to scrap a bit..!

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