Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank you my FRIEND

Thank you, friend, for all the things
That mean so much to me--
For concern and understanding
You give abundantly.

Thanks for listening with your heart;
For cheering me when I'm blue;
For bringing out the best in me;
And just for being you.

Thanks for in-depth conversation
That stimulates my brain;
For silly times we laugh out loud;
For things I can't explain.

For looking past my flaws and faults;
For all the time you spend;
For all the kind things that you do,
Thank you; thank you, friend.


Anonymous said...

Jane: Your page is amazing...just like you! Your are a true friend, thanks for supporting me and always being by my side and supporting me. Luv ya! Melissa

Anonymous said...

Jane, Thank you for sharing!!! I luv you and will never judge, Your friend, Hill